Saturday, 2 January 2010

Demam Oh Demam!

Assalammualaikum semua......

Baru berkesempatan nak tulis entry baru dlm blog ni sepanjang cuti nu tgk2 sok dh start keje balik...mizah just nak share testimoni paling baru ni..testimoni from me...hari rabu lepas ade meeting kat sekolah..mizah ingatkan sekejap jer coz x penah dlm history kt sekolah ni meeting lame sgt..so dgn x smpt nk breakfast pg tu even dh msk nasi goreng..mizah lupe gak nk bwk air..lame btl meetingnyer..break kul 11...tekak dh rase lain mcm..kt umah minum air mmg byk..terdehidrate rasenyer diriku...

Esoknye bdn dh rase x sedap n mmg btl..check suhu 37 lbh n makin naik ke 39 lbh..hati dh risau..mizah mkn umi sepeket rase ok sket makan lg sepekt...hari jumaat new year ingatkan xde klinik bkk..gi klinik tp ms tu bdn dh bepeluh kesan mkn umi..x checkpun suhu ms kt umah..tibe kt sane doc kt x demam dhpun..makan ubt ke ktnyer...mizah jwb xpun..alhamdulillah..sebnrnye x berani gak nk mkn ubt sembarangan...sehingga saat ini my red flag x kibar lg..surprise je rasenyer...x nk ler peristiwa lame berulang lg..so amik alternative mkn umi je..alhamdulillah...cume sakit kepale ade sket2 lagi maybe coz panas sangat naik mase demam tu kot..yg plg penting...mmg mizah minum air byk...

Sunday, 13 December 2009

How to Make More Milk: Demand = Supply

  • To build our supply, the following suggestions may help.
  • Provided that our baby is correctly positioned we will find that the quickest and most successful way to boost our supply is to breastfeed more frequently. We may want to offer a breastfeed every two or three hours during the day, for a few days, or at least increase the number of feeds by offering the breast in between our baby's usual breastfeeds.
    Here is an easy way of doing this. If our baby does not settle after a feed, wait 20 or 30 minutes and then offer another quick little topping up breastfeed. Those few minutes of extra nursing and cuddling may be all that is needed to soothe and satisfy.
  • Whenever practicable, let our baby finish the first breast before switching to the second breast. Let our baby decide the length of the breastfeed. Some babies may take up to 20 minutes or longer to drain a breast and obtain all the kilojoule-rich milk.
  • Alternatively we may find it helps to change sides several times during a feed whenever our baby's sucking seems to become less vigorous. Some people find that this encourages the baby to suck more strongly and stimulates a good let-down reflex.
    If our baby is awake we can offer little snack feeds without waiting for baby to cry for them.
  • We can try offering the breast as a comforter for a few days instead of dummy or thumb.
  • We can also try massaging our breast by stroking it towards the nipple on all sides as baby feeds. Take care not to disturb the nipple in our baby's mouth.
  • We will find that throughout lactation baby will have days when more breastfeeds are needed. This is Nature's way of producing more milk for our baby's growing needs.
    Most mothers find that they need to feed at least 6 times in 24 hours just to maintain their supply. Many new babies need 8 - 12 or more feeds in 24 hours. However the frequency of feeds generally declines as baby gets older.
  • To increase our supply, we will need to fit in more feeds than is usual for OUR BABY. Feeds do not need to be very long, just more often. Though in each 24 hours some feeds will be only 5 to 10 minutes long, others may be 30 minutes or longer, particularly when baby feeds to sleep slowly and contentedly.
  • Help our milk to let-down quickly. Relax and enjoy feed times. Try to remove distractions (take the phone off the hook, put a do not disturb sign on our door), then settle with baby into a comfortable chair and breathe deeply, relaxing each part of our body separately as we may have learned to do at ante-natal classes. Have a drink on hand, a book or a magazine, listen to the radio or watch TV.
  • Babies vary greatly in the amount of sucking they seem to need. There is no need to worry if our baby is contented with a fairly short feed. Some babies, however love to continue sucking long after the flow of milk has dwindled to a trickle. This is fine too. Our baby will let we know how long feeds need to be.
  • A baby who is well positioned is more able to empty the breast. Hold our baby close to our chest, body facing ours, and lower arm around our waist. (baby's mouth should be directly opposite our nipple.) This makes it easier for our baby to take the breast. When offering the breast, just touch our baby's lips with our nipple and wait for the mouth to open wide. Centre baby's mouth over our nipple, guiding it over the tongue and pull the baby close against us so that a good mouthful of our nipple and areola (the darker area around the nipple) is in our baby's mouth.


    How to make more milk:

    Feed our baby more frequently than usual.
    Check that baby is well positioned at the breast.
    Whenever possible, allow the baby to decide on the length of a feed.


How Do I Know if my Baby is Getting Enough Breastmilk?
If our baby shows two or more of the signs below then it is probable that you do have enough milk.

  • At least 6 to 8 very wet cloth nappies in 24 hours provided no other fluids or solids are being given. A very young baby will usually have 2 or more soft bowel movements a day for several weeks. An older baby is likely to have fewer than this. Small quantities of strong, dark urine or formed bowel motions do suggest that the baby is in need of more breastmilk.
  • Good skin colour and muscle tone.
  • Your baby is alert and reasonably contented and is not constantly wanting to feed. Your baby may still wake for night feeds - some babies sleep through the night at an early age while others wake during the night for some time.
  • Some weight gain and growth in length and head circumference.


How Breastfeeding Works

During pregnancy our breasts will have changed and developed to be ready to provide milk for our baby. That milk is available even when our baby is born prematurely. It usually comes in (that is, the amount increases greatly) a few days after birth. The first milk in the breasts following delivery and often before it, is called colostrum. It is thicker, yellowish milk which is more concentrated than mature milk. It is also rich in protein and in antibodies that help to protect your baby from disease. The amount of colostrum in our breasts is particularly suited to our baby's small needs in the first few days after birth. Mature breastmilk, which is thin and bluish-white in appearance, gradually replaces colostrum over about ten days, although this changeover can take several weeks.

By sucking at the breast, your baby stimulates tiny nerves in the nipple. These nerves cause hormones to be released into your bloodstream. One of the hormones (prolactin) activates the milk-making tissues. The other hormone (oxytocin) causes the breast to push out or let down the milk.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Testimoni Ekzema

Salam..ni adalah satu testimoni daripada rakan Agel alin276...anak beliau juga telah sembuh daripada ekzema setelah mengamalkan Agel boleh baca kisahnya DISINI

Selain tu Rinasha (sharina) dari Seremban juga telah mencuba trial pack UMI dan EXO daripada mizah untuk anaknyer yang ekzema..menurutnya alhamdulillah nampak ok kulit anaknya setelah gune Agel..di samping itu die juga turut menjaga pemakanan seharian

Friday, 20 November 2009

Testimoni Demam..Semput..Baby

Salam..dah lame mizah x menulis dalam blog ni almaklum bz sebelum ni coz sekolah nak cuti panjang so byk keje yg perlu di settle kan hihi..and today is my first day of holiday yahoo...banyak sebenarnye testimoni mommies yg amik AGEL berkesan tp x sempat nk tulis dlm blog ni.almaklum gak kemalasan menulis melanda diri..

Member SUSUIBU mak_afiq ade share testimoni die aritu tentang AGEL dgn mizah..die mmg semput aka asthma..ade sekali tu sempunyer dtg..die terus amik sepeket EXO n alhamdulillah terus hilang ktnyer...di kate cam magic..semunya kuasa Allah kn..di samping makan AGEL kite pun kene doa byk2 minta disembuhkan...

Cerita tentang mizah lak before ni anak demam n selesema..berjangkit daripada cousin2 die mase balik kampung aritu n maybe plus die tgh teething...mizah bg exo n umi kerap2 di samping ubatnyer..alhamdulillah die recovered balik..hingus pun mencair senang n buang.mase g klinik doctor tu nak bg antibiotik..mizah tnye selamat tak doc..terus doc tu x bagi die kate bile mommy dh tnyer die tkt anything effect kemudian hari...bkn per mizah penah bace dlm thread SUSUIBU.COM baby below 12 xble bg antibiotik..btlker ek..tmbh2 bile bby tu fully breastfeeding..susuibu tu dh ckp utk antibodi die..

Semalam mmg mizah rase x sihat sebab 2,3 hari dok kene ujan..dalam hati tkt gak demam..demam skrg bkn ble wat main2..tekak dh rase semacam x sedap..macam nk semput pun iye coz mmg history mase kecik2 dulu..mizah mkn umi dulu sepekt ( tgh susah hati ni umi tgl bbrp peket je sementara nk tgg order baru sampai ) then tak lame pastu mkn exo lak..mmg rase semput tu hilang bile mkn exo..mlm td nk tido mkn umi lak share dgn my baby...die mmg suke sgt tgk peket2 agel ni...so rasenyer kalau ade mommies yg nak try AGEL jgn risau..anak mizah yg 9bln lbh tu pun suke sgt AGEL.ni alhmdulillah rase segar bgn sembahyang subuh...cume batuk ade sket lg..mkn gak exo sepeket..

EXO..rupe2nyer exo juga untuk turunkan berat badan...mizah mmg rajin mkn exo share dgn baby sekali sekala...mizah cume rase bdn lagi ringan..tp member2 perasan mizah dh makin slim..hehe syok gak org puji ni..ade member tu kate lengan2 mizah dh kempis..lemak2 tak nmpak..yelah bayangkan dulu mase last pregnant 87.3kg..now dh 65kg..tinggi mizah 164cm so tak nmpk sgt compare to weight tu..tang pinggang tu mmg loose n peha gak..suar jean mase zaman tak pregnant x ble pakai..mesti pakai dgn belt..n becoz of that my friend nak try makan AGEL FIT ...coz tgk improvement mizah..mizahpun x sabar nak share testimoni die nanti..FIT mizah x berani amik coz upline mizah kt takut nanti babypun ikut same kurang selera makan..lagipun mizah ni bkn kisah sgt nk kurus2 sgtni sbb kite ni breastfeeding mommies..yg penting sihat..

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Testimoni baby batuk berkahak

Salam..dh lame x update testimoni..sebenarnya byk testimoni dr client yg mizah dpt tp mizah x sempat nk update..hari ni nak share testimoni from susuibu.com member known as uaisyah..she wrote to me today ab out his baby condition..let us share and if you got the problems like uaisyah u can get AGEL UMI and AGEL EXO from me .
Testimoni kedua daripada Raihan (Raihannur)..die amik trial pack juga untuk anak die yg batuk..alhamdulillah anak die x batuk lagi selepas gune Agel and die dh follow up balik dgn mizah beli sekotak EXO pulak..